oh, what a tangled web

oh, what a tangled web is a fictional account following the actions of a serial killer, preying on victims involved in the sex trade in the seedy strip clubs and escort services of San Francisco. The book follows the complex chain of events that explores the interconnectivity of the sex trade, S&M, organized crime and prostitution. The plot also references some of the horrific events that our world sees today. However, what makes this particular story unique is that it draws from the experiences of someone who worked on similar cases.

The story is centered in San Francisco’s old, Off-Broadway area but reaches into the surrounding Bay Area. oh, what a tangled web follows the actions of the San Francisco Police Department’s Homicide Bureau as they try and unravel a series of seemingly unrelated events. The story is complicated and suspenseful, creating a narrative that holds the reader’s attention while keeping them in a state of anticipation.

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Why Read It?

oh, what a tangled web

This book becomes a testimony to some of the real experiences that took place with Brian Brady over a thirty-five-year career in police work. The stories and their details will allow you to experience the actual atmosphere as they have been written from a first-hand point of view.


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